Keep your data safe Back them up!

Secure Backup

The future is Bright

Losing you data is always a bad nightmare clouding your confidant and it should. These days with more and more people are moving to the digital space, more and more hackers and mistakes are popping into existence.

That shouldn’t be the case and we provide the confidant boost you need to release yourself of this fear and focus on the future.

We Get it

Just copying your data isn’t what we do. We store your data in safe place with limited access for us and you and everyone else. Your data need special permission to be removed from our servers which keeps them safe even when the security is compromised.

We also require you to transfer your data using secure protocols like sftp or scp and we do ask you to encrypt the data before sending it to us.

Fully Automated

You’re not getting your hands dirty, and you don’t need to know anything more than: It works!

Our custom made programs to fit your establishment will do its work when you need it to do i, and the way you’d like it t do it.

Our programs can extract all kinds of data, encrypt it, and send it to your secure location with eas, fully automated process, and effectively.

Value vs. Price

You don’t need to break the bank to get what you deserve. Our prices are low, but the value is huge.

With prices as low as $4.99/month, you can’t afford not to order now!


$4.99 / month
  • 120GB Storage
  • 100Mbps access
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • FTP Access
  • SFTP Access
  • SCP Access
  • Delete protection

Big Data

$15.99 / month
  • 1350GB Storage
  • 1000Mbps access
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • FTP Access
  • SFTP Access
  • SCP Access
  • Delete protection
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