You do the businessAnd we’ll do everything else

Security & Support

You don’t need to worry about it

Things should just work. You don’t need to worry about your digital existence, we will take care of everything.

in v-360 we will take care of your software, emails, servers, websites, and everything in between.

Security is everything

Security is a very important aspect to take care of when you’re online. Keeping your data safe is getting harder and harder and keeping an eye on there exploits is getting more impossible than before. That’s where we come.

We secure your servers, digitally sign your emails, close any open ports and keep your data available to you, and to whom should be able to see it.

We scan everything

Keeping everything safe is not an easy job. We keep scanning all of your website and server fils to keep everything safe.

Using advanced state of the art softwares, we keep an eye on everything you have to make sure it’s safe and secure all the time.

Value vs. Price

Pay less, get more. It’s that simple.

It’s your right be safe, and it’s your right not pay so much for it!

Level 2

$99.99 / month
  • Everything included in level 1
  • Server monitoring & hardware testing
  • Configuring anti spam features to reduce spam
  • Protecting your server against new security threats
  • Monitoring server logs using advanced tools
  • Analysis of ddos attacks and determining the best solutions
  • Daily backups for databases for seven consecutive days
  • Sms notifications and phone calls for critical issues
  • Removing malicious files and protecting the server from malware
  • Advanced software to speed up website browsing
  • Analyzing and optimizing hosted website databases
  • Analyzing & monitoring resources usage to reduce the load
  • Monthly report contains maintenance checks, updates, and advice
  • Securing ssh port and preventing intrusions
  • Custom configurations according to website requirements
  • Analyzing hack attempts to avoid future threats
  • Updating server software to gain the best performance
  • Checking server logs and detecting errors
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